NEW YORK PRAYS: enclave williamsburg


Enclave = “Area within a country or a city where people live who have a different nationality or culture from the people living in the surrounding country or city”.  

This enclave is located in the heart of Brooklyn and is populated by Hasidic, a special group within Orthodox Judaism founded in the mid-eighteenth century in Eastern and Central Europe by Jewish mystics. Like other religious revitalization movements, Hasidism was at once a call to spiritual renewal and a protest against the prevailing religious establishment and culture. After World War II, Hasidism was transplanted by immigrants to America, Israel, Canada, Australia and Western Europe.  

Hasidism is a theocratic society where a dynastic leader - rabbi - combines political and religious authority. People live in courts, tightly-knit communities known by the name of the town where they originated. The Hasidic in Williamsburg belong to the Satmar dinasty who came from the Romanian city of Satu Mare.  

This series was shot in 2010. 

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